SMM Begins Production on Feature Documentary Film, Las Chavas


In December, 2012, an Episcopal Priest traveled to Honduras, the poorest Spanish-speaking country in the Western Hemisphere and, in that, the murder capital of the world — San Pedro Sula — to teach poetry to a score of orphaned teenage girls at  Our Little Roses orphanage, at the edge of one of the city’s ram shackle barrios.

Even before Padre Spencer Reece stepped off the plane to begin his year-long mission — a Fullbright scholarship to “make a book of poems with the girls, having them write the poems of their stories for the world to hear” — the Stories Matter Media production crew was already there filming. And we plan to continue filming for many weeks, periodically, over the full course of the year.

Our crew of filmmakers –

Brad Coley

Director (East of Acadia, The Undeserved)

Cassidy Friedman

Producer (Shallow Waters, Restorative Justice)

Carmen Osterlye

Director of Photography ( Etude in Black, Trash and Progress)

Kevin Oliver

Sound Recordist/Co-Editor (The Genius of Marian, Real Boy)

Elise Du Rant

Co-Editor (Eden, Perras, To Rome With Love, Vicky Christina Barcelona)

Dar Williams


A Transformative Process   Through our filming, we will capture a handful of girls’ inward and upward journeys, as they dramatically unfold inside the orphanage and against the backdrop of the surrounding sprawl of San Pedro Sula, creating indelible memories of the girls’ faces, voices and stories that the movie-going crowd will not soon forget.

A Transformative Film – Telling a story is only the first half of the project. The other half will be sharing these girls’ voices with the world.  We’re already planning a national tour into poetry classes, school assemblies, film festivals, and other gatherings. If you’d like to sign up for a screening in your community, please contact us (contact below).

Artists, priests and laypersons, there are many ways you can support the making of this important film, including following our production  blog, in which we’ll tell you all about making the film, so please contact us to learn more.